Standard living room size

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Visual Guide to Standard sofa Dimensions in Inches and Centimeters. Provides measurements for loveseat, 2-seater, 3-seater, 3-seater with chaise, 4-seater and L-Shaped sofas. It includes Front and Side views Drawings measurements. Layout, Design, Sofa Size, Sofa Measurements, Seater Sofa, Sofa Dimensions Cm, Sofa Dimensions, Sofa Styling, Sofa Design

Dimensions of a sofa can vary based on the manufacturers and style of the sofa, but there are some common measurements that we can use as a guideline: Loveseat size: (48 inches to 72 inches) (122 cm to 183 cm) in width. 2-Seater Sofa size: (60 inches to 72 inches) (152 cm to 183 cm) in width. 3-Seater Sofa size: (78 inches to 96 inches) (198cm to 244 cm) in width. 4-Seater Sofa size: (96 inches to 129 inches) (244 cm to 305 cm) in width.


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