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Philly Bike Expo 2019: Crust Bikes Lava Crackle Romanceür – Jarrod Bunk | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Steel Bike, Fixed Gear Bike, Steel Gravel Bike, Bike Rack, Touring Bike, Bike Gear, Commuter Bike, Old Bikes, Gravel Bike Bicycles

Philly Bike Expo isn't just about high-end custom, builds, it's also home to some pretty fine production steel bikes as well, albeit this one is made by Crust bikes out of a Reynolds 831 Tubeset. It has some special parts, special paint, and some one-off parts that haven't existed 'til this moment. Matt built this romantic Romanceür with a Campagnolo shifter setup friction 11speed that make it through the whole 11speed SRAM X-Dome cassette. The only René Herse cranks set-up with a Made in…

Paul Isabella
Chicken Fillet: Four Bikes from the Shop of Moustache Cycles – Josh Weinberg | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Touring, Brazing, Bicycle Bar, Handlebar, Bicycle Brakes, Fixie, Folding Bike, Gravel Bike, Bikepacking

Yesterday, we featured an Inside / Out piece on Moustache Cycles, a Flagstaff-based framebuilding operation headed by Richard May. Today, we're checking our four of his bikes, with Richard describing each so enjoy! Rust Bucket (Bike)...(pre-Moustache): Low and Slack? No thanks. I made this bike in 2008 at the UBI Brazing course. I had just come off a two-week tour from Tucson, AZ to Mexico's Barrancas del Cobre where the Surly Cross-Check I was riding had officially fallen out of favor. I…

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