Sterling silver jewelry

Elevate your style with stunning sterling silver jewelry. Explore top designs and find the perfect piece to add elegance and sophistication to your look.
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. Hello there my fellow jewelry lovers! . Today we are diving into the world of jewelry upkeep, more specifically, sterling silver jewelry upkeep – a favorite of many. We all love it for its affordability, versatility, and endless style options. However, silver jewelry is also notorious for tarnishing, which can be pretty frustrating. But don't worry, there are ways to prevent it from happening! . So, first things first, why does sterling silver tarnish? Well, it’s all due to the fact that…

Laurie Plourde
Nez Stud by Faris | LOQ.US Piercing, Bijoux, Silver Earrings, Silver Jewelry, Earings Piercings, Jewelry Inspo, Silver Accessories, Jewellery, Ear Jewelry

FARIS is a jewelry line that distills complexity into a wearable statement. Designed by Faris Du Graf in Seattle, Washington. Scaled for everyday wear, the NEZ stud has an intriguing, sculptural shape that lands somewhere between a teardrop and an elegant little nose. Sold individually. 1×0.5cm stud. Sterling silver.