Swan flying

Experience the beauty of swans in flight with these captivating moments captured on camera. Discover the grace and elegance of swans as they soar through the air.
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Niina Tuomola
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Trumpeter Swan -

Trumpeter swans are the largest swans amongst all of North America’s waterfowls. It is one of the heaviest species of flying birds. This elegant bird got its name from its call. Their call sounds like trumpets. Find out all about this marvelous and beautiful bird below. Description Length : Male trumpeter swans, also called cobs, […]

Trish D'Haene
Mute Swan flying over the ice | Mute Swan flying over the ic… | Flickr Nature, Swan Reference, Swan Flying, Swans Flying, Flying Swan, Canada Geese, Abstract Realism, Mute Swan, Silhouette Tattoos

Mute Swan flying over the ice

Mute Swan flying over the ice Most of the local ponds are frozen over so waterfowl are concentrated in the few patches of open water. I thought that I would show some photos of some of the water fowl that I have seen in the icy waters during my several recent visits to Chambers Lake. Note several of the photos in the comment box are intended simply as a record, not high quality photographic works. In order the photos in the comment box show 1. One of the ubiquitous Canada Geese landing. 2…