Sweatshirt refashion

Transform your old sweatshirts into trendy fashion statements with these creative refashion ideas. Upgrade your wardrobe and stand out with unique and stylish sweatshirt makeovers.
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Sweatshirt To Jeweled Jacket - Tutorial

One of the creative things I like to do is take old or unused clothing and re-purpose them into beautiful new garments or decorative items. The most recent upcycling project was an olive green sweatshirt which I loved the color of but not the fit, it was brand new and never worn; I kept moving it from house to house thinking I would do something with it someday. After much debate I finally settled on transforming the ordinary sweatshirt into a stunning short jacket for fall. For those of you…

Kay Waldron
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Home Made Sweat Shirt Re-Do

Some of you may remember the last post I did about a sweat shirt re-do I did about a year ago. I didn’t post a tutorial about it because I just saw an inspiration picture that I wanted to mak…

Carol Anderson