Tan face

Discover expert tips and techniques to achieve a natural tan face. Enhance your complexion and radiate a sun-kissed glow with these simple and effective methods.
Nose Ring

If you ask us, a facial tanner is a godsend all year round, but some can leave your skin feeling dry and tight, resulting in streaks and patchy colour. Thankfully, the best formulations use gentler ingredients to create that natural, year-round glow – from tinted sleep masks to innovative mists, here are the ones we rate…

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FACE TANNER MEETS SKINCARE: N°12 seamlessly integrates into your skincare routine. These fragrance-free tanning drops are infused with hyaluronic acid, pomegranate extract, coconut water, passion fruit oil, and vitamin E, leaving your complexion bronze, hydrated, and glowing! FAKE TAN. REAL YOU. NO FILTER: Fragrance-free, compatible with all skin types, and loaded with antioxidants, N°12 bronzing face drops are your new go-to self tanner. Your tan is now customizable and buildable with our…