Tattoo style drawings

Explore a collection of unique tattoo style drawings that will inspire your next ink. Find ideas for different tattoo styles and discover your perfect design.
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We all know that cats are the cutest, most mischievous, and quirky animals ever, but did you know that in ancient Egypt, they were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba’at, often depicted in various drawings and even mummified? Or that later, in the Middle Ages, cats were killed en masse since people associated them with witchcraft? Luckily, the feline genocide ended with a medieval king of Wales, Hywel Dda, who made killing or harming cats illegal.

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You’re sitting in a cozy tattoo parlor, your palms sweaty with anticipation as you glance at your partner, sibling, or best friend. Your eyes meet, and suddenly, you’re struck by the fact that you’re really about to get a matching tattoo. You can’t help but giggle at the thought of you and your special someone sharing an indelible mark that will forever bind your relationship in inked glory. After all, there’s nothing like a couple tattoo to create memories that last a lifetime — unless a…