Taupe dining room

Create an elegant and inviting dining room with beautiful taupe color schemes. Discover top ideas to transform your dining space into a sophisticated oasis.
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Are you someone who feels intimidated by the thought of incorporating color into your home decor? Fear not! There are ways to make decorating with neutral colors more interesting and unique. If you like to wear neutral colored clothing on the weekends, then you likely love decorating with neutral colors in your home. You can decorate with neutrals and not be basic and boring. Here are a variety of decorating ideas for people afraid of color. Use a Combination of Different Neutral ColorsIf…

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The natural light in our Grace Residence is always dramatic, as this 6th floor apartment is above the rooflines of most of the surrounding buildings. The rich colors chosen for the walls and ceilings act as a canvas for the natural sunlight, especially when it is moody and soft. Conceptually, we imagined the apartment as two zones: the sunny, south-facing daytime half, which we painted in an all-over warm taupe color, and the nighttime half, which is a luscious green.

Rebecca Landau