Tea bowls

Enhance your tea drinking experience with these unique tea bowl designs. Discover a wide range of styles and materials to find the perfect tea bowl for your peaceful tea time.

Bowls hold secret powers. They are the perfect shape. They are functional, simple, yet they can hold so much meaning for us. When I was slinging clay around in college, I felt the need to prove something to myself by focusing on making giant clay sculptures. They were funny. And heavy. On the side I […] More

Steffenie Jones
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Black and white ceramic bowls - Mataichi Suzuki Japanese cuisine always guarantees a collection of appealing food, served with artful preparation, while being presented in an environment of tasteful and relaxing decor. Simplicity with refined detail is a feature of the cuisine and is a reflection of the Zen aesthetic that permeates the Japanese arts. Gyoza, miso soup, yakitori, umeboshi/kudzu soup, shushi, genmai tea, soba noodles, tempura, teppanyaki, kukicha, always feature in my…