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Immerse yourself in the rich world of Japanese tea. Explore the diverse varieties of tea and learn about the fascinating traditions that surround this ancient beverage. Experience the tranquility and elegance of tea in Japan.

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Yuki Kitazumi
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Matcha tea, once exclusively prepared and consumed in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, was experiencing a global renaissance. As matcha took off, the marketing around the product quickly overtook the quality, creating an opportunity for Suntory-backed Stonemill Matcha to deliver a modern, yet authentic matcha experience. To introduce their premium offering, Stonemill set out to open […]

Kreativ phase
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Haruka and I met in Kyoto train station. I’d been alone for a little over a week traveling in Tokyo and Tsumago. Having a companion was a relief, a Japanese one even better. No more language barrier, no more silence. The silence of traveling alone in a country with a significant language barrier took me by … Wander Guide | Japan Part 3 | Koyasan Temple Stay Read More »