Teaching main idea

Discover effective strategies to help your students grasp the concept of main idea. Engage and inspire your learners with these creative approaches to teaching main idea.
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This main idea and details sentence sort activity is a great way to get students thinking about HOW details support a main idea. Using a main idea and details graphic organizer, students will sort the sentences and they will use higher-order thinking skills as they justify their answer.

Faith Ramey
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These nine main idea strategies will help your students successfully master this important reading skill. The Teacher Next Door shares her favorite main idea strategies for teachers of upper elementary students.

Stevette Golladay-Linden
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How do you feel when you hear the words main idea or main topic? Do you cringe or do you get excited? If I’m being honest, I used to completely tense up when this unit was up next because it’s a HARD concept for students. Not only was it really difficult for students to understand […]

melissa martinez
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WHY TEACH STUDENTS TO FIND THE MAIN IDEA? Being able to find the main idea and supporting details of a text is a complex and important nonfiction reading skill for upper elementary students (3rd-5th grade). "Learning