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Discover various text types and learn how to effectively use them to improve your writing. Enhance your communication skills and engage your readers with different styles of writing.
7 Informational Text Activities for Primary Students | Create an anchor chart that helps your students look for key words within the text to identify the structure.  This chart helps hone in on the type of information the author is trying to teach you.  It also helps them write pieces of informational text.  They will be better able to organize their thoughts according to the type of structure their writing is following.  And use the key words needed to help move the reader along. Text Structure Bulletin Board, Informational Text Anchor Chart, Informational Text Activities, Text Structure Anchor Chart, Informational Text Features, Informational Text Structures, Autobiography Writing, 3rd Grade Writing, Nonfiction Text Features

It is easy to create or search for activities related to fictional literature, but what about informational text?! Most of the activities we find are the same graphic organizers, just to be used with different books. Here are some more hands-on lessons you can use with your students to dive into informational text!

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Most Common WhatsApp Abbreviations List – English Grammar Here अंग्रेजी व्याकरण, Struktur Teks, Tatabahasa Inggeris, Whatsapp Info, Sms Language, Telefon Pintar, Slang Words, Interesting English Words, Good Vocabulary Words

English Most Common WhatsApp Abbreviations List SWW – Sorry wrong window SUP – What’s up TG – That’s great AAR – At any rate AEAE – And ever and ever BBS – Be back soon EOM – End of message GBTW – Get back to work Gonna/Gunna – Going to IDGI – I don’t get it NWS – Not work safe OT – Off topic OP – Original poster PM – Private message R8 – Right RT – Retweet RL – Real life SD – Sweet dreams SS – So sorry SU – Shut up TY – Thank you TC

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As we dive into 2nd quarter my reading instruction is now full of non-fiction. Most of our reading objectives for the quarter deal with non-fiction. While my second graders usually know what non-fiction is and how it is different from fiction, they often don't understand most of the conventions, text features, and how to retell. So we spend a LOT of time in our minilessons learning all we can about non-fiction. I've started out by introducing text features. I had an old poster that had a…

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