The Science Penguin

Discover the amazing world of the Science Penguin and learn about its unique characteristics and behaviors. Explore top facts and information about this fascinating creature and deepen your understanding of the natural world.
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As usual, my students struggled with erosion more than any other content standard so far this year. So, I made a stations unit for some of my students to use to help them master weathering, erosion, and deposition by wind, water, and ice. Whew! So helpful– they ended up mastering the content. Here’s a ... Read more

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Have you ever wished that you could have Science Penguin resources ready to go… in Spanish? Well, now you can! I have heard from literally hundreds of Spanish Bilingual Educators that want Science Penguin resources available in Spanish. Because this is a new project with multiple moving parts, talented translators, and I have 8 years ... Read more

The Science Penguin
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Let’s teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about physical properties of matter. What are physical properties of matter? Physical properties of matter are characteristics that describe appearance of a substance without considering its chemical composition. Physical properties can be used to identify and distinguish one substance from another. Examples of physical properties include: ... Read more

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It’s almost time for back to school! Get to know your students and help students start thinking about science in their own lives. This free resource, Science About Me, is a simple and fun activity for students to complete the first week of school. What’s included? Suggested Use page Full page printable Notebook-sized printable Who ... Read more

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A common question I hear from teachers is how do you structure a science block that is __ minutes long? That’s a great question! Although I know some classes will operate differently, I want to provide you with some great tips and tricks on maximizing your time with your students, so they gain as much ... Read more

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I get loads of questions about the Output aspect of notebooking. If you read no further, read this: Be flexible. Advice Allowing time for student output is a crucial part of science lesson with notebooks. Here is some advice I have about Output. You don’t have to make your students say, “I’m going to choose Acrostic for ... Read more

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