Thread organization

Get your threads in order with these creative organization ideas. Discover practical solutions to keep your sewing supplies tidy and easily accessible.
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Storage - such a hot topic when it comes your sewing room. And one notion that seems to accumulate is spools of thread! Small spools, large spools and cones are all part of the quilting fun, but how do you go about organizing all the stringy stuff? That's what today's post is all about - top thread storage solutions just for you!

Lynda Funke
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A few months ago, a client asked me to help organise her sewing room. She had just moved into a new house, and needed help setting up the space. In order to come up with an exciting plan for moving forward, I researched some 'real' spaces, looking for rooms that were not only beautiful, but could also be achieved without spending a lot of money. Here's some of the amazing inspiration I came across for organised, top-functioning and beautiful craft and sewing spaces.

Tricia Stewart
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How to Make a Simple and Stylish Thread Rack: I was cleaning out my room and managed to come across a lot of left over scraps from old projects that I have saved over the years with the intent of using them later. Usually, this means I organize the scraps and stash them somewhere to be forgotte…