Tied hands

Discover creative ways to overcome limitations and break free from tied hands. Explore ideas to find freedom and unleash your full potential.
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Really late upload as I was back late from this shoot, spent almost the whole day out! This shot took absolutely ages to execute, even with two pairs of hands, you know, as mine were tied lol. Huge thanks to www.flickr.com/ry_n for the help with this, we had to drag the posts from an abandoned building in the field beyond this stream and hammer them in to the stream bed with a brick. A man walking his dogs also managed to spot Ryan tying me up, that was interesting as well... Really happy…

Joey Fresco
St. Sebastian carved wood hands detail Detailed Wood Carving, Wood Carving Sculpture, Statue Hands, Aristos Achaion, Wood Sculptures, Tied Hands, St Sebastian, Art Sacre, Tree Carving

Tilman Riemenschneider (c. 1460 – 7 July 1531) During his career, Riemenschneider carved some of the most haunting and sensitive Christian images of the time. His multifarious figures of Christ, the Virgin and an array of saints were prominently displayed in churches around Germany, and their intense realism gave a sense that they lived and breathed before the attending congregations, thereby catalysing people's devotion to God. Many of Riemenschneider's works even managed to survive the…

Susan Mapes