Titanic museum

Step into history at the Titanic Museum and uncover the captivating exhibits that bring the tragic tale of the Titanic to life. Discover artifacts, stories, and interactive displays that will transport you back to the ill-fated voyage.
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Touch a growing iceberg, see over 300 artifacts, walk the Grand Staircase, and experience the largest Titanic model! Our Museum is a curated of one of the largest collections of authentic Titanic artifacts and 2,208 passengers and crew stories. The owner of this museum, John Joslyn, co-led the second expedition to the Titanic wreck site. He produced the first television show with the first Titanic images from the bottom of the ocean. See his images on display.

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I can't believe Summer is almost over. I have mixed feelings about it. I can't believe how fast it went by, I just wish it lasted a little longer, Before Summer ends, We took our last Summer trip. It was such a blast! We went to Branson! Finally!! I love how touristy it was. I mean, that could mean crowded But it wasn't bad! Our first Stop! I have been wanting to go, I am so happy we finally did. Look how Stunning this looks. Looks like exactly like it. It's not allowed to take pictures on…

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