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About this item Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care has the CleanRipple texture that removes more Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care bath tissue is both soft and strong for our ultimate in bathroom tissue comfort Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care is 2 ply toilet paper Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care is septic-safe toilet paper Cottonelle Double Roll bathroom tissue fits standard toilet paper holders without the need for any attachments

Perhaps one of the greatest demonstrations of wealth you can make, next to physically burning cash is wiping you're nether-regions with a stack of hundred dollar bills. While in a not-too-distant past that was an obtainable reality, in today's budget strapped society of recovering economies you simply cannot afford such a costly boasting of wealth…

Before the recession hit, the purest form of wealth was exhibited by how much money you could wipe your ass with. But now in these tough economic times, how is one supposed to keep up this expensive habit? The answer is these novelty money toilet paper rolls.

Victoria S