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Discover the journey of Tony Revolori, a talented actor making waves in Hollywood. Explore his notable performances and upcoming projects that showcase his versatility and charm.
Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a student who attends the Midtown School of Science and Technology, and Peter Parker's classmate and academic rival. Flash began attending Midtown High alongside Peter Parker and Ned Leeds the former of whom he would constantly harass. Marvel, Avengers, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Tony Revolori, Thompson, Tony, Marvel Vs Dc, Marvel Vs

Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a former student of Midtown School of Science and Technology. While at the school, Thompson would frequently torment his classmate and decathlon partner, Peter Parker, by constantly deriding Parker's claims to have worked with Tony Stark and to personally know Spider-Man, which he refused to believe was possible. However, Thompson's own admiration for Spider-Man continued to grow, following him being saved from the Washington Monument, as well as encountering…

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