Topiary trees

Transform your garden with these creative topiary tree ideas. Add elegance and charm to your outdoor space with perfectly shaped trees that will impress your guests.
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30+ Real and Faux Topiaries

The word topiary refers to the art of training and trimming trees into unique shapes. Season after Season, topiaries remain one of my favorite plants to fill our home with. From lush, full, and round topiaries like live boxwood, to thin and more bare-like olive and herb topiaries. Though hard to keep alive, I enjoy filling our home with any and all forms! I've been receiving some questions about topiaries lately and I thought this would be the perfect time to share the best real and faux…

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Training Your Flowering Shrubs to be Trees (and Major Garden Inspiration)

The fact that I’m writing “how to train your bushes” is really cracking me up. Call me immature. Howard Sanderson Gardening I picture myself with a baggie of treats, telling my bushes, “sit. Stay. Roll over. GROW! Okay, good. Good bush.” Then moving on to the next. The fact of the matter though, is that…

Sharon Gonzalez