Toxic friendships quotes

Find inspiration and wisdom in these quotes about toxic friendships. Learn how to recognize toxic relationships, release negative influences, and reclaim your happiness and well-being.
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When to pull the plug on toxic friendships….

So I’ve recently found myself questioning one of my oldest friendships and deciding its time to call it a day. I always thought this was someone I would never cut off and if I ever did it would really suck but now that its actually come to that I feel kind of relieved. When people have been in your life for such a long time its easy to find yourself giving and giving but if someone asked you why you are actually friends you would find it really hard to give them an answer. When you are so…

Ashley Inman
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30 Friendship Breakup Quotes To Help You Cope When Ending A Toxic Friendship

Ending a toxic friendship is necessary, but the breakup with your friend still hurts. Here are 30 break up quotes to help you heal from the heartache when you end a friendship that's no longer healthy for you.

Wanda Hughes
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50 Quotes About Bad Friends (That You Need To Get Out Of Your Life ASAP)

Losing a friend is one of the worst forms of heartbreak, but sometimes it's necessary to cut out toxic people from your life. These best bad friend quotes teach you how to talk to the ones who need to find their way out of your inner circle.

Tamara Haveman-Larson