Traditional quilting designs

Explore a collection of elegant and timeless traditional quilting designs for your next project. Get inspired and create stunning quilts that showcase the beauty of this classic art form.
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Check out how I custom quilted Kim Diehl's Hope and Harmony quilt, which is in her new Simple Double-Dipped Quilts book. I share which rulers I used, the batting, thread color, and my quilting process for the background design.

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As you know Karen Azevedo is doing a traditional boutis for our challenge and I am doing the same chosen pattern on a vintage linen but I'm doing it free motion quilting. I love to do wholecloth miniatures so thought this was the perfect opportunity to do another one. I chose a beautiful drawn-thread work linen and tr

Полосухина Нина
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Big Leaf Vines are always a favorite of mine for large border areas: This is a very basic big leaf vine... Same Basic Big Leaf Vine... I added 2 vein lines in each leaf... I added a curl in each leaf... I echoed the leaf shape in each leaf... I added thicker vein lines in each leaf... I added jagged lines in each leaf... It is fun to challenge yourself to fill the big leaves with different designs! Inspiration from the Flower Beds: Be sure to double click on this image... There is a white…

Jenny Doty
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"The Fine Art of Echo Quilting" ~ Warm-up exercise My classes in the upcoming AQS show in Des Moines Oct. 3-6 are almost filled. Thanks everyone for signing up, and I hope you will love what I have to share with you about machine quilting on a home sewing machine. The photo above shows one of our warm-up exercises for echo quilting to get you comfy and ready to do some more challenging quilting. Sometimes these warm-ups turn out so well students have gone on and used them in quilts, with…