True nature

Uncover the depths of the true nature of life and existence. Dive into philosophical ideas and reflections that will challenge your perspective and inspire personal growth.
QUOTE, Nature:  'May your time in Nature lead you to yourself.' by Shikoba Life Quotes, Nature, Wise Words, Inspirational Quotes, Nature Quotes Inspirational, Nature Quotes, Great Quotes, Quotes To Live By, Life Quotes Love

Nice sentiment, below, but too small. . Long before cell phones, I knew what gardens provide. More, I think tapping into my garden is what addicts hope to gain from drugs, alcohol etc. . Going into my garden I forget what time it is, what day, hunger does not exist, and cuts/bruises are only noticed showering, later, when garden time is over. Obviously, more than 'gardening' is going on. Scientific studies are showing biological changes to our bodies taking place in gardens/Nature. More than…

Patti T.