Valentine day cupcakes

Indulge in the sweetness of Valentine's Day with these delicious cupcake recipes. From classic flavors to creative designs, find the perfect cupcake to celebrate love and romance.
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38. Chocolate Swiss Meringue Love is in the air. There are plenty of romantic, heartfelt, and thoughtful gifts you can buy on a budget or even bake it yourself. Just like this round-up, say I love you to those ones you love and care about with these cute Valentine's Day cupcakes.

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Do you love Valentine's Day? Or do you hate it? It seems to be one or the other. I've been posting Valentine's related posts on my Facebook page lately, and it makes me laugh the reactions people have. Let's just say there are a lot of people who are very cranky about Valentine's Day and they aren't affraid of expressing that on my Facebook posts. haha I know Valentine's Day tends to be over-commercialized, but there are so many fun things you can make yourself! For example, CUPCAKES! Who…