Vegan zucchini fries

Discover mouthwatering vegan zucchini fries recipes that are crispy, flavorful, and guilt-free. Try these easy-to-make recipes and satisfy your cravings for a healthy snack.
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Vegan Zucchini Fries: raw zucchini sticks dipped in eggless batter, rolled in flavourful bread coating and baked to crispy perfection. Simple vegan appetizer perfect any time, game day, potluck you name it! They will send your taste buds into overdrive!

Julie Kjorlie
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Try not to thank yourself after you bake this incredible french fry substitute. Really, should we even call it a substitute? How about new, fantastic, love of your life? These fries mimic your traditional fast-food favorites, but they are also healthy, crunchy, and packed with the nutritional benefits of olive oil. Heart-stopping—in a good way.

Jenny Kim

Create a delicious and guilt-free side or snack with our vegan zucchini fries recipe. These crispy, baked zucchini strips are coated with a flavorful mixture of breadcrumbs, flour, nutritional yeast and seasonings. Zucchini fries are the perfect combination of crunchy and tender. Make a mouthwatering treat, and make these for a snack for game night or for a lunch box treat. When you’re in the mood for something unique and different these make a delightful side dish addition to any meal.

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