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Embark on a nostalgic journey with vintage books. Explore a collection of timeless classics and hidden gems that will transport you back in time. Experience the magic of vintage literature today.
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I absolutely adore old timeworn French books. I love them piled high on a shelf or table. Gorgeous tied with a ribbon or old hemp string. But then.................I also adore them like this............. I have found this tutorial on "youtube" that explains how to make is the link. ( press on arrow to start). For years I have walked past the batches at brocantes as I thought they were not " full books". What was I thinking? I have a huge pile from an attic clearance and I now I…

Anna Tuglu
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I posted a black and white vintage clip art illustration of a beautiful Hydrangea a few days ago. In response to my post, I received a request to share the information about hydrangeas from the book. That information is covered on these two pages. In addition to the hydrangea, there is gardening information on a few...Read More