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Sella is inspired by the armchair of the same name designed in 1966 by the famous Italian architect Carlo De Carli. The highly elegant sofa is made using the very finest of materials: exposed walnut, elegant metal chromed details finish shiny black and belts for the support of the backrest in refined natural leather. The cushions are

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Hepburn | Shabby Chic Vintage Leather Small 2 Seater Sofa

Could an Eeenglish built sofa be more French? I 'ave the curves and ze style, no? Look at the roll of my arms the taper of mes solid hardwood front legs with the antiqued brass castors. (I 'ave lovely hardwood back legs, too, with jus a leetle curve!) I am covered in the beautiful Old Boot Vintage Leather. A 'shabby chic leather sofa' you say. But really I am jus a French style Leather Small 2 Seater Sofa and these leather is soft and smooth like it has been on me one hundred years. Also I…

Caryl Boxhall