Vintage wrangler

Discover the timeless appeal of Vintage Wrangler clothing. Embrace the iconic style and quality craftsmanship of Wrangler jeans and apparel, perfect for the modern individual looking to make a statement.
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Playboy Sept. 1966 Hey, the 90's called. They wanted to thank you for the great idea. Apparently denim-on-denim became a thing at some point. Good job. Ad text: Wrangler slim jeans and jackets matched up with a new material with a soft, brushed, experienced look. It's weathered denim of rugged 100% cotton, Sanfordized for wreal lasting fit. Weathered denim jeans, 28 to 36, about $5. Jacket, lined in acrylic/cotton that's a twin for shearling, 32 to 46, about $10. Also in wregular blue denim…

Aaron Hale