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Painting a Pair of Pine Trees with Watercolor

For this piece and all of my artwork in general I create to exemplify the beauty of nature and serve as a reminder of how awesome it is to spend time in nature. I am a huge proponent for hiking and just getting out on trails, getting out into nature. I think that it is very important to take time for revitalizing and connecting with the outside world and I make my artwork to be an inspiration to do that.

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The original painting has SOLD ! However, prints of this painting are available here. Summer Goddess is a Dryad, a tree spirit. Not only sensual and graceful, she embodies gentle beauty, power, and strength of the divine feminine. She is grounded in the earth through her roots and connected to the heavens through her uplifted branches. This image of the Goddess in the form of the Tree of Life expresses the abundance in the summer with lush green leaves and grass. The purple cloudy sky in the…

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Watercolour Negative Painting Tutorial — Louise De Masi Watercolour Artist

Negative painting is a technique where you paint around the subject rather than on the subject. It's a technique that can add depth and dimension to your paintings. Negative painting challenges us to shift our perspective and concentrate on the surrounding negative space rather than the subject itse

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