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Brielle Yves is the new girl, except she's not actually new. She's been to Langston before, but only when she was a little girl hiding in the toilets at lunch because she didn't want to get bullied. Back then, she would let everything slide through her, hurting her feelings and making her feel bad about herself. But now, Brielle is back, and will not let anything slide past her. Grayson Valente, the popular boy. Who everyone sees as perfect, but really he's just boy with a broken heart…

Betelhem Mamaru
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"You were ours from the second we saw you," he stated as if I didn't have a choice in it, and the truth was, I didn't need to because he was right. I was theirs, but what they didn't know was that they were mine too. ~ One invitation to an open house. One moment. One chance. And everything changed. When Emma got an invitation to the most exclusive BDSM club in the city, she knew she needed to go. Pain and pleasure, bondage, domination, and submission- all intertwined. It was all she'd ever…

Marly Mendes
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| Highest ranking : #3 in Teen Fiction | | Highest ranking : #20 in Romance | | Highest ranking : #1 in Teen Romance | (Undeniably in love with the bad boy - shortly known as Undeniably) "Grayson. . This isn't right. What if my brother finds out?" I stressed. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, "That's a risk I'm willing to take for you, baby" *** Meet Grace North, she's kind, sweet and puts everyone's happiness before her own. All she wants is to get through her last year of school without…

Jazmin Withrow
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after a prank gone terribly wrong, hayden jones is sent across country to caldwell academy, a school for the bitchy, the dangerous and the rebellious. and if that wasn't bad enough, it becomes much worse when hayden is accidentally put in the male dormitory, landing her in a room with the school's notorious heartbreaker, chase everett. [not edited...like at all]

Leah Held
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"Seduce me, cara mia." He crooned. "Seduce me like you seduced those other men." * 18 year old, Rosamaria Castro, a trainee at the Italian Mafia is moving on to the last stages of her training which meant learning The Art of Seduction, and from no other than the One and Only, 23 year old, Vincenzo Dominico, the leader of the Italian Mafia. The more time Rosa spent with him, the closer she grew to him emotionally and... physically. There was always more to their story than what the naked eye…

Ta'Niyah Huffman
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**Now adapted into a game in Chapters!** "We need to talk," he said. I looked at the floor. "No we don't." "I need you to look at me," he whispered taking a step towards me. "Nathan-" "Look at me," he interrupted. He was being so demanding, why was that so hot? I sighed but forced myself to look up and meet his gaze. His green eyes looked so troubled. "I need to know if this is how you're going to act every time I kiss you," he said softly. "Because in that case I'll have to stop and believe…

💗 haylee 💗
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Declan "Boss" Packard is dominating and powerful, with a deep need for control. Being the leader of a Special Ops team at Knight Security, his missions are priority and his teammates are his life. The word "love" has never been a part of Declan's vocabulary and he has never been interested in romantic bullshit, but Lexi Bradshaw changes that in an instant. Lexi awakens every protective and possessive fiber of Declan's being, but when her past returns to haunt her can Declan surrender his…

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Book One : USC series 18+ Ayanna Heart Reeling from betrayal of her ex, Captain of the basketball team for UCLA and longtime boyfriend. She decides to go to a party to release some much needed steam. What she didn't expect was to make a deal with Carson Addams, Captain of the USC basketball team. Carson Addams Carson has a reputation to uphold , Captain of the basketball team and USC's most eligible playboy. His number one goal is to make it to the NBA. What happens when he sleeps with the…