Weather station

Stay ahead of the weather with the best weather stations available. Get accurate forecasts and real-time updates to plan your day effectively.
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Agricultural Irrigation BAEN Extension Irrigation Specialists conduct programs across the state related to irrigation scheduling, management and advances in equipment and technology. The Irrigation Technology Center is a proposed facility for both urban and agricultural irrigation that will test and certify irrigation products, developed efficiency and performance standards, and provide education and applied research services... Read More →

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DIY Weather Station for Kids to Make {from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots} Pre K, Play, Montessori, Activities For Kids, Diy, Crafts, Outdoor Activities For Kids, Outdoor Learning, Weather Activities For Kids

This homemade weather station is a great way to get children observing & exploring the weather in their local area. Made from mostly recycled items it's also simple enough for children to put together themselves. Recently Minnie has shown a real interest in the weather & has been eager to discover just how much rain we've had, so to build on this interest & encourage her exploration we decided we'd create a rain gauge, weathervane, & something which would help us observe the strength of the…

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