Weaving patterns

Discover a collection of unique and creative weaving patterns to elevate your next project. Explore different techniques and designs to create stunning woven masterpieces.
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I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of my new class, Grid Patterns! One great thing about this class is I will walk you through all the ways to create your own grid patterns for projects in all kinds of art forms. You can be on the lookout for this class to launch toward the end of the month or ear

Tania Ló
Learn how to weave a checkered pattern on a little loom... or any frame loom! Weaving Loom Tutorial, How To Weave Tapestry, Krokbragd Weaving Tutorial, How To Loom, How To Use A Loom, Weaving Projects Ideas, Tapestry Weaving Techniques, Frame Loom Weaving, Weaving For Beginners

Checkers make a nice border - and are just plain old fun! When you choose your two colors for the checkers, think about how they'll look together. If they contrast each other, the checkers will pop, if the colors are similar, the checkers will blend together. If you already know how to weave vertical stripes, then it will be easy to learn to weave checker squares! If you don't know how to weave vertical stripes (which...

Marion Rodriguez