Wedding fail

Experience the funniest and most memorable wedding fail moments that will have you in stitches. Discover what not to do on your big day and avoid these wedding fails with our helpful tips.
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Jimmy Fallon, the legendary host of The Tonight Show, keeps us laughing even when we’re feeling blue. This time, Jimmy asked his adoring fans to share the most spectacular and hilarious wedding fails, seeing as wedding season’s roaring with full force. And we’ve got to tell ya, having read through these, no tiny mishaps at weddings will ever scare us again!

Susie Stsfford Hayden Cruse
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Most brides are prepared to go to extreme lengths to make sure everything is perfect for their wedding day. And the three wives-to-be taking part in GMTV's Battle Of The Brides competition are no exception, as they prepare to bare all for the chance to win their dream wedding.

Deffy Jeffy