Weird creatures

Dive into the fascinating world of weird creatures and discover unique species that will leave you in awe. Explore the amazing adaptations and extraordinary behaviors of these creatures that defy imagination.
Sculpture of Fresno nightcrawlers of California, This could be cute gift for  CA people or diamond in your cryptid miniature collection. 3d, Diy, Design, Mythical Creatures, Clay Monsters, Creatures, Weird Creatures, Animal Sculptures, Mythical Creatures Art

Fresno Nightcrawlers! Legendary California mythical cryptid creatures. This could be cute gift for CA people or diamond in your cryptid miniature collection. Find out more cute characters, fantasy handmade scukptures and uniqe collectible dolls in our shop This is ooak weird alien sculpture/statue made from polymer clay, great gift for UFO/Alien lovers

The Underside Of A Sawfish Better Known As “I’d Like To Speak To Your Manager” Amazing Nature, Tilt, Fotografie, Resim, Amazing, Deep Sea, Macedonia, Sea Life, Underwater World

Pareidolia is not just a simple mind trick making you see funny faces on things when there actually are none. It's no sign of psychosis coming your way either, but rather a quite complex, pre-historical self-defense mechanism. Yes, it's true, seeing unlikely faces helped our ancestors survive; if you presumed that the rustling bush has a saber-toothed tigers' face hidden behind the leaves, chances are you'd run and save yourself if there actually was a beast lurking in the greenery.

Pam Gosner
ArtStation - Quick Creatures, Roberto Padula Art, Statue, Creatures, Weird Creatures, Lion Sculpture, Roberto, Artwork, Weird, Time Lapse Video

This is a series of quick creature that I've been painting lately and posting on my instagram, @bonekrishna. I wanted to see how far I could take a creature painting in 1 hour and a half to a maximum of 2 hours. So I started paintings this silly weird creatures! I also recorded some of the paintings and made some very rudimentary timelapse videos. These aren't as polished as I usually like my paintings to be, but they were fun to paint and I hope you like it as well!

Jordan Hoffman