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Explore the essence of humanity and discover what it truly means to be human. Gain insights and perspectives on the nature of our existence and the complexities of human experiences.
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Human Design Projector aura type - You are here to know and guide others towards possibilities. You are intuitively connected to what is possible. Before You share Your incredible and immerse wisdom of what is possible, Your Human Design Strategy is to wait to be invited. You are perfectly designed to live Your most ideal, successful life. Your superpower is to make people feel seen, understood and appreciated.

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PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER BUCKLOW By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light.... Light' represents consciousness. When we do not understand a thing, we say we must 'bring it to the light.' If we are confused, we say that our process 'needs more light.' When a sudden idea reorders our thoughts, we say that the 'light came on,' and when a person is fully conscious, we say that he or she is…

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The main difference between human rights legal rights and moral rights lie in their aim and impact on the individual. Human rights are those that emphasize the universal rights any person can enjoy and, legal rights refer to the rights a particular person is entitled to enjoy legally as enforced...

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