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Explore the fascinating realm of Wiccan witchcraft and learn powerful spells to manifest your desires. Unleash your inner witch and harness the mystical energy of nature.
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Witch Vocabulary: A List of 60+ Pagan Words and Terms

To be a Witch is to be an eternal seeker, a student of nature and of the spirit world. Witches are constantly expanding their knowledge and their vocabulary, and new words associated with witches appear all the time. Do you know what all these witchy terms mean? Here’s a list of witch-related words for you...

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Wiccan Symbols

Just like any other religion, Wicca has its own vocabulary and symbols which carry spiritual meanings and sacred power. You have likely seen some of these pictures before, so here's an opportunity to learn their meanings and origins. From the Horned God and Triple Moon Goddess (we'll learn more about these in Day 4: Wiccan...

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