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Discover a wide range of stunning Windows themes to enhance the look and feel of your desktop. Customize your computer with unique themes that reflect your style and make your desktop experience more enjoyable.
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10+ best Windows 10 themes that you should try right now

If you want the best theme for your Windows 10, choose one from our list that includes Aurora Borealis, A Rainbow of Birds, and GTGraphics.

Kushwant Mandavi
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Check out hotopsandy's Shuffles tried a windows theme :) #windowsxp #windows95 #aesthetic #moodboard #collage #error #windows #weirdcore

Check out hotopsandy's Shuffles tried a windows theme :) #windowsxp #windows95 #aesthetic #moodboard #collage #error #windows #weirdcore. Shuffles is here. Now you can unlock your creative energy and connect with people who share your aesthetic.

Cris Cross
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How can I capture a screen in Windows XP?

I have seen a lot of Web pages - including your own - where there are tons of screen shots from different versions of Microsoft Windows. I run WIndows XP and need to include screen shots (screen captures?) in some documents I'm writing. Is there some way to do this without having to buy and install any additional software?

kairo :3