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Discover the art of wine photography and learn how to capture the beauty and elegance of your favorite wines. Enhance your skills and create breathtaking images that showcase the allure of wine.
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Packaging design for organic, biodynamic, female-led wine producers Castell d’Age. Their Àmfora wines are aged in traditional clay containers - amphorae - imbuing them with freshness and minerality. As always with Castell d’Age, we foregrounded a sense of femininity, elegance, care for the environment and of course the utmost quality with this timeless, restrained, effortlessly chic…

Packaging of the World
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Wine has a distinctive knack for falling into one of two classifications— top shelf and bottom shelf. If it feels like there’s no in-between on approachable and unattainable, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But what if there was a wine that looked both sophisticated and within reach for the everyday casual drinker? Le Ruse is […]

Marysol Caseres