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Inspired by Nate Zeman's photo. Many have taken this picture in the same spot and I liked Nate's version the best so I thought I would give it a try. After processing this image I noticed I was slightly higher on the hill than Nate when he took this image in 2014. See Nate's version here: Watch me make this photo here:

Lisa Grum
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Disclaimer : This is an interesting piece but may be too technical. I have explained it in simple terms. NOT WORTH SKIPPING :-D What if I say there is orderliness in chaos? People!! People!! I have not lost my mind; I am very much sane. That's what Chaos theory is all about. Chaos theory is the study of dynamic systems that are apparently chaotic; lacking order ; but studying them in depth reveals their orderliness. It imbibes physics and maths to explain that the unpredictable conditions…

Kukka L