Witch marks

Uncover the secrets of witch marks and their significance throughout history. Explore the fascinating stories behind these mystical symbols and their connection to the supernatural realm.
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Back in the ancient times and until recently, it was believed that Spirits did interact with our Realm. Moreover, these invisible agents played a very important role in shaping this World’s destiny. The Devil’s Mark is a term used to identify a material impact of Evil Entities on humans, animals, plants, trees or non-living things. […]

Trixie Aboulafia
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It’s no secret that we believe in Reincarnation. Although this continuous births, deaths and rebirths can become quite annoying, there certainly are some magical moments throughout our lifespans. One of these magical moments one can live is to meet again with a person you already met. To Know Someone From A Past Life is an […]

Terren Cusson