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Transform the look of your home with these stunning wooden trim ideas. Add warmth and elegance to your space with the perfect wooden trim that complements your style.
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If you’re moving into an old home you’re probably facing a sea of dark wood trim and crown molding. While this is a common feature in old craftsman and bungalow homes, it may not be a style for everyone. As a new homeowner you may want to change up the old world look and make…

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There were a handful of must haves for this final build of ours. One being the interior door style. I planned a majority of the interior design around a certain style of door: a 5 equal, raised panel door. Why, you ask? Well, I knew there would be a lot of white + a lot of natural light throughout t

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A commenter on my Wood Paneling Done Fabulously post asked, “How about a post on houses with natural wood trim, instead of the ubiquitous painted trim? Show us how that can look terrific, too!” I’m on it! In Erin & Rob’s House Tour Survey, they cited the woodwork as their biggest challenge: “It brings such warmth to the apartment but can make things looks really heavy and dark, which is great…if you want to live in an English hunting lodge.

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To paint your trim or not to paint your trim, that is the question… Well actually, if you’re reading this you’ve probably already decided to keep your wood trim wood - and I applaud your decision! Yes, I still love white paint and preach it far and wide. And yes, I sometimes paint wood trim white

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