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Find motivation and inspiration in these powerful work quotes. Boost your productivity and achieve success with these wise words from leaders and thinkers.
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Jim Rohn was an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He was a major player in personal development and although he passed away in 2009, his legacy lives on. He was a mentor to many successful people such as Tony Robbins and Chris Widener. #nextlevelgents #inspirationalquotes #motivation #success #business #encouragement #productivity #quotes #inspiration #legacy

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Changes are only constant. If we can think of self awareness which is the essential key to inspiration only we can change ourself to a positive thought or negative thought no other can alter it. Inspiration writing, Inspiration bullet general, Inspirational words, motivation, motivational thoughts, motivation positivity word of wisdom, self healing, self esteem, change your mindset, self growth, self care, mindfulness, how to be more self confident self esteem, self mastery, words of…

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Are you working to live, or living to work? Sometimes, it takes more than a good music playlist or the distant possibility of success to get you through your long work day. These best motivational quotes for work will keep you inspired and set your sights back on your long-term goals —​ both at work and in life.

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Tell me how does it feel like to complete your quarter century? I can't quite believe I've reached here to be honest. It does feel like yesterday when I celebrated my 21st Birthday. Past years has been full of ups and downs (isn't life always that way, full of paradoxes?), but I'm grateful for these twenty-five years and all the lessons I've learned, all the people I've been with, all the opportunities I took, for all the good and bad that thought me so much on the ride. Now, having to enter…

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