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Discover powerful ideas to enhance your worship experience with a talented and dedicated worship team. Create an atmosphere of reverence and connection with these tips and techniques.
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“Apart from Christ, we are nothing” was the theme of this TeenPact event in early 2018. Through teaching, prayer, worship, and classes, future staff members from across the country came together to learn how to be effective student leaders. We had the opportunity to photograph this five day event that occurred in a cold, but […]

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3 Truths About Dealing With Problems On Your Worship Team — Leading Worship Well | Worship Leading Tips Interpersonal Conflict, Resentments, Truths, Improve Yourself, Interpersonal, Truth, You Can Do, Leader, In This Moment

It's inevitable. There ARE going to be problems on your worship team. Anything from a member who consistently shows up late to interpersonal conflict to moral compromise. Whether it's big or small - there are going to be moments on your team where things are uncomfortable. There are going to be mome

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Worship Team Building // Ten Ways to Encourage Your Team Play, Ministry Leadership, Worship Service, Team Building, Worship Leader, Praise And Worship, Team Quotes, Teams, Bible Study Plans

In our last post we talked about showing the members of our worship teams some appreciation and encouragement. This topic may seem like one that doesn’t need much discussion, but with all of the logistics that go into planning, rehearsing, and then leading a worship service, our team members can easily get left behind. Below …

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