Explore the fascinating world of wrens with stunning pictures and interesting facts. Learn about the behavior, habitat, and unique characteristics of wrens in this informative guide.
Winter Wren --Vicki's Backyard--Woodstock, Georgia | by davidcreebirder Wrens, Bird, Wren, Wild Birds, Birdy, Birds, Bird Watching, Little Birds, All Birds

EXPLORE # 282 --On Thursday, My Flickr friend, CCinTheSouth, Courtney, and I met over at Flickr Friend , Vicki's Nature, (Vicki's) to photograph a Brown Creeper that has been in her yard for at least 6 weeks. Well , we arrived at noon---and stayed most of the day--- The Brown Creeper was a 'NO SHOW!!! Was i ever disappointed--but hey--that's bird watching for you!!! While there, Courtney and I wandered about Vicki's yard and surrounding riparian area next to a nice golf course. One key bird…

Dianne Vescovo
17 Beautiful North Carolina Birds | Peregrine Falcon North Carolina, Animals, Art, Bird, Birds Of Prey, Falcon Hawk, Blue Bird, Birds, Prey

Largest falcon in most of the continent, with long, pointed wings and a long tail. Be sure to look at the shape and size the long primary feathers. Adults are bluish-gray on top with barred underparts and a dark head with thick sideburns. Juveniles are heavily marked, with vertical stripes rather than horizontal bars across the chest. Bird. Birds. Animal photography. Nature photography. Beautiful creatures. #bird #birds #animal #nature #beautiful #photography #nc #northcarolina #falcon

Remo Coco

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