Writing a male character

Learn how to write male characters that are engaging and relatable. Discover techniques and inspiration to craft dynamic male characters that will captivate readers and enhance your storytelling.
Men Are Calling Out The Things Female Authors Get So Wrong When Writing Male Characters In Their Books, And Some Of These Are Surprising Feelings, Romance Novels, Sayings, Cheating, Wrong, Conversation, Writing Advice, Gay Smut, Anger

"Women underestimate the male ability to spend hours talking about the dumbest crap. I want to read a romance book where the guy is late, and she thinks he was cheating, but he was actually hanging out with the bros, talking about how unreasonably strong gorillas are and lost track of time."

chelsey louise
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If You’re a Woman Writing a Male Character Avoid these Bad Writing Tips. As a male reader and writer I have been seeing some really bad advice pop up regularly about writing characters in general and specifically about writing males.

Jennivie Wirries