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Discover the various writing genres that can help you express your creativity and find your unique writing style. From mystery to romance, explore top ideas to dive into different genres and unleash your storytelling potential.
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Genre Mindmaps - creative writing blog

I’m very good at coming up with story “sparks” – too good, in fact – but I always find it a trial to develop those ideas into fully-fledged stories. One technique I use is to create mind-maps. I thought I would share my genre mind maps in case they can help you in your hour…

Matthew Pedrolie
So many times people ask what genre I write or how I choose a genre. However, my answer isn't what they expect.  See why I think focusing on genre is backward. via @chautonahavig Creative Exercises, Genre Of Books, Writing Genres, Literary Genre, Book Genre, Creativity Exercises, Devotional Journal, Do You Know Me, Writing Stuff

What Is the Best way to Choose a Genre?

“Oh! You’re a writer? Cool. What genre?” *insert blank look* And this is where I usually reply with something like, “Um, the answer to that question is kind of a novel in itself.” For a while, I just said, “Christian Fiction.” But who knew that opened up one confusing can of worms? I didn’t. Picture…

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