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Discover how the Zone Diet can help you reach your health goals. Find balanced meal ideas and tips to optimize your nutrition and improve your overall well-being.
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Reward Yourself

I spend most of the weekend proving to myself what I already know and have known for well over a decade. Eating like sh*t makes me feel like sh*t!! Friends in town on Friday, (who can resist truffle fries from Rockit?); Atlas anniversary party on Saturday (tequila and celebration cake); and a chili-cookoff at Jay and Rachel's on Sunday (Chris's chili placed 2nd!). These are the temptations that we face... everyone faces. It's easy to revert back to a little of this and a little of that…

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Food Journaling and Weight Loss

Food journaling is the first step in being accountable to yourself on your wellness journey. When you want to make lifestyle changes you need to know your weaknesses and the Zone Food and Exercise Journal will help you find out exactly what you are eating and when. It will help you track your sleep hours, daily water consumption, daily exercise or rest day and much much more. Give it a try and make some positive changes in your life.

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Understanding "The Zone" Diet

Dr Barry Sears is the creator of “The Zone” diet. He came from a family that had a history of men with early deaths due to heart disease. Dr. Sear’s contention was that he could save his own life, despite overwhelming risk factors, by changing the way that he ate. His hypothesis was that by

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