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a poem written in the sand with an ocean and sunset behind it that reads prayer for tonight, dear god
a poem written in pink and white with the words dear god, come to my aid now
the bible app on an iphone with text and images above it that reads, pray to pray
a family prayer with birds flying in the sky
a poem written in black and white with the words night prayer for peace on it
A peaceful night prayer to help you get a relaxed, calm rest in Jesus. Be blessed and encouraged. #goodnightprayer #peace #sleep #dream #blessednight | Inspired Encouragement | Inspired Encouragement · Original audio
an image of a prayer with the words tonight's prayer
the prayer for god's shield of protection with palm 91
Shield of Protection Prayer: Psalm 91 - Prayer Prompt
Seek God's shield of protection as you pray Psalm 91, trusting in His refuge. #ShieldOfProtection #Psalm91 #Prayer
an image with the words dear lord, thank you for the gift of life thank for your protection all night today
a prayer card with the words, powerful prayer for supernaturalal provisions and blessings
A Provision Prayer for Supernatural Blessings - Prayer Prompt
Seek supernatural provision and blessings in your finances, believing for immediate miracles. #SupernaturalProvision #Blessings #Prayer
the prayer for this prayer will change your health and life situation
A Prayer for Changing Your Health and Life - Prayer Prompt
Say this prayer and witness a miraculous change in your health and life situation. #HealthChange #LifeMiracle