Students at work for Istituto di Moda Burgo Fashion Show 2017

Students at Work for IMB Fashion Show #imbfashionshow2017 #burgofashionshow2017 #sfilata2017 #fashionshow2017
20 Pins
several mannequins are sitting on display in an art gallery, all dressed in red and black
The Future of Fashion
a man and woman are working on a mannequin's head with flowers in it
a mannequin is sitting on a table in front of a dress making class
there is a mannequin made out of paper on the table with another woman in the background
a black dress with white flowers on it
a mannequin wearing a white dress with black ribbon around it's neck
a woman is working on a dress
three boxes filled with paper flowers on top of a table
two women working on an animal statue in a room filled with shelves and shelving
a woman is decorating a cake with purple icing
a person is working on some paper at a table with thread and sewing needles in front of them
Bodycon Dress
a close up view of an elaborately decorated table cloth with gold chains and beads
a table topped with lots of gold and green beads on top of a white table cloth
a close up view of an elaborate lace with flowers on it