My baby revenant

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a drawing of a robot sitting on the ground
a character from apexx is standing in front of the camera
げっきー(方天戟) on Twitter
several cartoon characters are standing together in the dark, one is wearing an animal suit
I drew my dream crossover. As you can probably tell, I’m a little excited for the direct today.
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a drawing of a person sitting on the stairs in front of a plant and other items
a sci - fi character standing in front of some rocks
Revenant Apex Legends 2020 4K Ultra HD Mobile Wallpaper
a cartoon character sitting on top of a chair
an image of some people in costumes with words written on the side of their bodies
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¥A BOY FERRI$ on Twitter: "my rev load out... couldn't figure out how to ink this in a w"
two comics with one saying, who are you killed my father? do you have the lightest idea that always in heaven?
ムギタロ on Twitter
a cartoon character standing in an open doorway with the caption, respawn said it's my turn to get a buff
a drawing of a person in armor with claws on their head and hands behind his back
an animated image of a man in armor
The next ‘Apex Legends’ character is a cyborg assassin named Revenant