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a cartoon girl holding a knife in her hand
Rayne Liebert !!
Character: Rayne Liebert Webtoon: Homesick CREDITS GO TO : Ms. Freaky : ON WEBTOON
a drawing of a person laying in bed with their head on his hand and the caption that reads, turn
a drawing of a man with his hair pulled back
a girl in a short skirt standing next to a man
some girls with purple hair and one is holding a cell phone
would die for her
Fictional Characters, Thriller, Episode
Episode 26 | Homesick
a comic strip with an image of two people talking to each other and the caption reads, then why am i having this feeling that you don't trust
an anime character with pink hair and purple eyes, wearing a white shirt and black jacket
a comic strip with an image of a person wearing a hat and the caption what deal?
Episode 25 | Homesick
Episode 25 | Homesick